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Hitachi Channel  Solutions, Corp.

Cash Recycling Module

Our key module, which is the core of ATMs, are compatible with the currencies of over 50 countries and regions across the world. Leveraging on our advantage of our product's compatibility with banknotes of various countries, we are providing it to ATM manufacturers around the world. ATMs with our banknote modules are used in financial institutions around the world, and are contributing to the development of society.

Cash Recycling Module


model : UR-D/S

Both TTW type with waterproof and Lobby type are available.


model : UR-T

Quick cash-in for retail use w/direct & continuous deposit tray


model : HCM2

Small footprint to fit to compact installation space.


model : UR-2A

Both direct deposit for retail and deposit through escrow are available


model : UR-2

Compact layout to be installed all units inside the safe.


APIs for Controlling Cash Recycling Modules

APIs for Controlling Cash Recycling Modules

Three types of APIs are available to control our Cash Recycling Modules to fit to the partners’ application types or intended use cases.

Utillity Softwar

Utillity Software

Support usual activities of operational and maintenance staff of cash machines on site.