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We support our customers in providing physical and digital financial services to meet a wide range of needs with engineering capabilities based on core technology and abundant experiences proved by our track records to major financial institutions in many countries.


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Self Service Solution

Increasingly, customers are looking for better opportunities to connect with their banking institutions and they also require these interactions be fast, easy, convenient and private!
Go the extra mile for your customers with an out-of-the-box ATM driving solution futuristically designed to be versatile enough to accommodate tomorrow's technology and trends to deliver a seamless, interactive and secure service to your customers!

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Cash Management

[Consulting Cash Recycling ATM operation]
Getting values of Cash Recycling ATM?
As you may know, Cash Recycling ATM is a powerful solution that innovates the convenience of your customers and the financial efficiency of your bank, but there are some important keys for the operation.
It might not be gotten the values without these keys...

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Cash Balance Solution

Raised operating cost due to unbalance of cash? As you know, one of the important keys for cash recycling ATM is balance of cash. However the cash position among machines with multiple installed becomes unbalanced due to customer behavior and preferences. As a result, cash position in some machines will be empty and in some will be full, then increasing cash delivery cost. If you can control your customer behavior, it can be made the balance more and reduce this cost...

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Content Management

The fact that ATMs account for a vital touchpoint in your service delivery opens up revenue potential for your business in more ways than could be imagined.
Capitalize on these possibilities by investing in a comprehensive content management and delivery system for your fleet of devices.

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Touchless Transaction Solution

With the New Normal lifestyle introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals try to avoid physical touchpoints that are open to general public as much as possible.
The new offering provided by us to combat the spread of Covid-19 is, Touchless Transactions, this solution provides the customers with the facility to transact at ATMs by simply initiating the transaction through a Wallet application installed in their personal mobile phone.

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Virtual Banking Solution

Technology moves fast, and life, much faster. What life doesn't stop for is to waste hours on end at bank teller windows attempting to make payments and transfers.
In a world where digital relations are blossoming, make your move to a trusted, secure and agile virtual banking platform making customer interactions with the best a breeze within a single, unified platform.

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Monitoring & Management

The importance of providing a consistent and secure service throughout your network of ATMs cannot be stressed enough.
Although this could be challenging as your network grows, with a centralized ATM management solution like our Monitoring and Management solution, your worries could be a thing of the past.

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Fraud Management

With the flare in speed and volume of digital transactions that are taking place every second and minute of every day, the need for a solution that can intelligently help organizations predict, prevent and protect their customers is fast on the rise.
The constant proliferation of automated systems calls for an intelligent and notoriously fast, out-of-the-box fraud detection and prevention engine that has been designed in the best interest of protecting organization and their customers from potential fraud.