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Hitachi Channel  Solutions, Corp.

APIs for Controlling Cash Modules

We have utility software to support usual activities of operational and maintenance staff of cash machines on site. The utility software provides easy-to-use GUI for typical and frequently used functions e.g. to monitor general performance, trouble-shoot / diagnose, hardware configurations, periodical inspections etc.



Displays the cash module status is normal or with any errors visually.
In the case of any errors, it also displays the error positions / contents and recovery processes etc. to support operators or service technicians on site.



Provides GUI for configuration and operational settings such as cassette layout, handling denominations, and other optional functions to fit the cash modules to various types of use cases quickly and flexibly.



Supports diagnose and periodical maintenance activities for service technicians with:

  • Displaying basic performances such as number / history of errors, reject rates etc. to quickly inform if the cash module has been working in good performances or not.
  • Displaying possible defective components or sensors to be cleaned, when necessary.
  • Providing various testing functions for checking if the actuators, sensors or mechanical items are working well.