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Hitachi Channel  Solutions, Corp.

APIs for Controlling Cash Modules

Three types of APIs are available to control our cash modules to fit to the partners’ application types or intended use cases.

Type of APIs


Partners to develop service provider and application software, directly accessing the bottom layer of interface to our cash module, Elemental Libraries. The Elemental Libraries provides a common interface to all of our cash modules and enables the maximum use of the cash module functions.


Partners to develop application software, accessing service provider based on the international standard CEN/XFS. The API enables partners to develop their own application with the experiences to CEN/XFS standard or enhance their existing ones to adopt our cash modules typically for commercial banks or financial institutions.


Partners to develop application software, accessing Hitachi original service provider that provides simplified API dedicated for cash in/out transactions for retail / backyard terminals. The API enables partners to easily develop their own applications without studying multiple and complicated setting / control options or deeper experiences to CEN/XFS interfaces.