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Hitachi Channel  Solutions, Corp.

Cash Recycling ATM(SR7500VS)

  • ATM "SR7500VS" satisfies various operation needs in each country.
  • SR7500VS / HT-2845-SR7500VS / HT-2845-VS: model number is depending on the region.


Optimal Operation – Precise, High-Speed and Large Capacity

Large capacity cassettes are capable of precise and high-speed processing for the most streamlined operation.

Ensured reliable and secure transaction

Equipped with an anti-skimming card slot, encrypted PIN pad, and high resolution cameras, SR7500VS provides high-security environments both for users and operators. New note validation and handling technologies with serial number recognition system minimize the risk of counterfeit while ensuring safe transactions.


Dimensions UL safe type: 490(W) x 780(D) x 1,436(H) mm
CEN safe type: 545(W) x 808(D) x 1,489(H) mm
Max. number of
notes per transaction
Approx. 200
Cash Capacity Up to 5 cassettes for Maximum cash capacity
Deposit of up to 13,650 notes in a 5-cassette configuration
Up to 4 cassettes for cash recycling
Separate reject / retract box
Power consumption In-Operation Max.: 400Wh
Stand-by Max.: 120Wh
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