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Hitachi Channel  Solutions, Corp.

Cash Recycling ATM(SR7500/TS-EA45ATM)

  • ATM "SR7500" satisfies various operation needs in each country.
  • SR7500 / TS-EA45ATM : model number is depending on the region.



  1. Adoption of special card slot figure and detective sensor of skimming device can avoid installing card skimming device.
  2. Optional EPP privacy cover to prevent PIN from being peeped reduces customers' criminal harm risk.


  1. Automated banknote counting function provides the information of banknote pcs in recycle cassette by denomination-wise. As a result, which can help backyard processes such as banknote counting, sorting, etc.
  2. Tracing customers' banknotes enables accurate management of transaction evidence.


  1. Maximising the capacity of banknotes inside ATM minimises frequency of cash handling such as loading/unloading banknotes into/from cassettes. In addition to that, it can absorb the large unbalance between dispense and deposit transactions.
  2. Cash slot size for dispense/deposit is currently the most in ATM industries so that it can meet large quantity needs of dispense/deposit at once.
  3. Support of banknotes for various countries and regions.
  4. Small footprint and compact (470mm width) product line-up meets various ATM deployment needs.


  1. Detection function of abnormal banknotes behaviour caused by foreign object insertion reduces banknotes jamming risk and guarantees high uptime quality.
  2. Providing unified maintenance environment independent of maintenance staff skill (automated picking out function of maintenance items/points, etc.) keeps high quality of maintenance.

Advanced Technology

  1. New Banknote Validation Module enhances the capability for banknote feature recognition and realises high acceptance ratio and elimination ratio of counterfeits.
  2. Adoption of new banknotes recycling module that is equipped banknote stabilising technology enables to handle various size of banknotes properly and stably.


  1. Large reduction of power consumption during idle time


Dimensions UL safe type: 470(W) x 977(D) x 1,360(H) mm
CEN safe type: 524.6(W) x 977(D) x 1,334.6(H) mm
Max. number of
notes per transaction
Approx. 200
Cash Capacity Up to 5 cassettes for Maximum cash capacity
Deposit of up to 17,000 notes in a 5-cassette configuration
Up to 4 cassettes for cash recycling
Separate reject / retract box
Power consumption In-Operation Max.: 400Wh
Stand-by Max.: 175Wh
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