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  1. Establishment and continuous improvement of Personal Information Management Systems

    The Company shall establish and implement Personal Information Management Systems in order to impress the importance of personal information protection on executives and employees, and to protect personal information appropriately. Furthermore, the Company shall maintain and improve these systems continually.

  2. Acquisition, utilization, and provision of personal information

    In consideration of the fact that it is entrusted with the customer's information in its business activities, the Company shall establish a management system for personal information protection according to each mode of work, and it shall conduct appropriate handling in the acquisition, utilization, and provision of personal information according to the established rules.
    And, the Company shall deal with personal information appropriately in the range required for achievement for the purpose of use.

  3. Compliance with laws, guidelines and codes

    The Company, in its handling of personal information, shall comply with laws, personal information protection guidelines of jurisdictional authority and codes applicable to the protection of personal information. Moreover, the Company shall adapt its personal information management systems to comply with these laws and codes.

  4. Implementation of safety measures

    In order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the Company shall implement measures to manage access to personal information and procedures for carrying out personal information, and to protect information from unauthorized external access in accordance with the information security related rules, and thereby strive to prevent the loss, corruption, alteration, or leaking of personal information, and to correct measures if any problem.

  5. Respect of the individual's rights concerning personal information

    Company shall respect the rights of the individual pertaining to the personal information. When an individual requests that his/her personal information be disclosed, corrected, or deleted, or refuses utilization or provision of the said information, the Company shall respond to it in good faith promptly according to the conventional wisdom and custom.

  6. Response to complaints and consultations

    The Company shall create the complaint window to respond to the complaints and consultations about his/her personal information promptly.

    Constituted on April 1st, 2005
    Last revised on April 1st, 2019

    Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp.
    Representative Director, President
    Tetsuya Yagi