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Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. has changed its name to
Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp.

Shaping a sustainable future by connecting the physical and digital world, along with
people and society through technology and trust.

Tokyo, July 1, 2021 --- Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp. is pleased to announce that its trade name was changed from Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. with effect from 1st July, 2021.

The company was established in October 2004 by integrating the ATM and other information equipment businesses of Hitachi, Ltd. and Omron Corporation. From the past sixteen and a half years, the company has been helping customers solve issues and improve social infrastructure. On 31st March, 2021, the capital structure of the company changed, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.(*1) This change heralds a new beginning for the business with a new management vision.

New trade name and management vision

(1) New trade name
Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp.
(2) Origins of the new trade name
As a terminal solution vendor, the company has been providing solutions and services that lead to higher efficiency and added value at contact points with customers, including banking branch systems, ATMs, and counter terminals for transportation and public institutions.
"Channel," which also means "pathway" and "route," is widely used in the area of finance and distribution. The company name, Hitachi Channel Solutions, means that the company solves the various issues faced by customers by providing data-centric solutions that create high value, via "channels" as the entrances, exits and routes through which data passes.

In recent years, the company operates new businesses, including one that provides domestic financial solutions compatible with touchless and remote channels, as well as an overseas business that enables switching between various financial channels, remote transactions, and others using the software infrastructure of its subsidiary in Sri Lanka. Further, in the healthcare, security and construction industries, the company has begun to provide solutions that help improve efficiency and services by using information obtained via channels from terminals used by customers and robots operating on site as contact points.
Moving forward, the company will address more complex, advanced customer issues by strengthening the connection with the Hitachi Group to apply digital technologies and expertise, including AI and analytics from Lumada(*2).
(3) New vision
Shaping a sustainable future by connecting the real and the digital, people and society with technology and trust.
We are a global innovation partner; always close to our customers, looking ahead, and rising to the challenges.

Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp. aspires to be a company that creates innovation for seamlessly connecting people and delivering solutions that realize a safe, secure, and comfortable society through the real and the digital and based on the technologies and trust that it has cultivated to date. Thus continuing to realize a future that depicts its ideal vision.
Furthermore, in the business landscape and living environments, which are evolving rapidly due to the current diversification and digitalization, the company will work closely with customers and take on challenges aggressively to solve social issues and create value, thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable community. This is where the company intends to go through its business activities and this is what the new management vision means.

Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp. will create new value through collaborative creation with customers by continuing to develop the technologies it has cultivated to date, while building customer trust and applying digital technologies. The company will seek to expand its digital business in the existing areas of finance, distribution, transportation, and public services with its "scale of digital" approach and will aggressively expand its business into new areas, such as healthcare and construction, with its "scale by digital" approach, aiming to achieve further growth.

A joint new release with Hitachi, Ltd. issued on March 30, 2021

A collective term for solutions, services and technologies based on Hitachi's advanced digital technologies for creating value from customers' data and accelerating digital innovation

About Hitachi Channel Solutions

Hitachi Channel Solutions, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a member of the Hitachi Group and a leading vendor of cash recycling ATMs in the world. Besides providing systems and terminals, Hitachi Channel Solutions provides a variety of services and solutions addressing real user needs. The company supports a secure, safe, and comfortable society through our prominent technologies and innovative solutions.

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