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We support our customers in their provision of physical and digital financial services to meet a wide range of needs leveraging engineering capabilities based on our core technologies and abundant experience proven by our track record with major financial institutions in many countries.

People's lifestyles are changing rapidly due to digitalization, and more convenient payment methods are required. Our solutions flexibly meet your needs and support the provision of new value.

About us

About us

As a leading company in ATMs, we have created and globally deployed innovations leading to greater efficiency and improved service for financial institutions and other customers and users, including establishing a culture of banknote recycling in many countries and regions through cash recycling ATMs. We will deliver solutions that seamlessly connect all people and realize a safe, secure and comfortable society, through the digital and the real, based on the technologies and trust we have cultivated to date.
In a rapidly changing business landscape and living environment, we will continue to search for, explore and realize a future vision that depicts the way we wish things were, and in doing so make people's job and lives easier while helping to develop a sustainable society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Response to the Conflict Minerals Issue

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